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          Neeo Mould ---We are located in Huangyan Taizhou city ,zhejiang China , We have our strong Design group , Quality control system , quickly answer sevice ,etc .

           With innovative design, impeccable product quality, customer friendly approach and competitive pricing make it a dependable and trustworthy source of quality mould. Today Neeo Mould products are exported throughout the world including Russian , Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Singapore and Taiwan etc.

           Neeo Mould utilizes U.G. Solidworks, Imageware , Magic , Geomagic and Auto-CAD etc on products/moulds design, which helps establish good communications with customers as well as reduce errors to a minimum level, decrease manufacturing cost as well as lead time for development to greater extent.

           Neeo Mould unique and strict quality management system covers every aspects of the process from mould design until shipping. Quality management as Neeo Mould believes, is the major mean to achieving any objectives.

           Neeo Mould business scope includes Household moulds, Auto parts Moulds, home appliance moulds, pipe fitting moulds, garbage bin moulds, table&chair moulds, stool moulds, thin-wall packaging moulds, thinwall bucket moulds,etc. Besides, as a professional mould manufacturer, Neeo Mould also targets on developing high precision and high standard mould designing and manufacturing, including thin wall moulds, communication equipment moulds etc .

           We look forward to become your reliable and strategic partner.

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