Item: S158 1600x200mm
1 Embed top rain shower J32
8 inbuilt massage shower jets J36-2
1 chrome hand shower H32
1 plastic sh...


Item: S168 1500x180mm
6 Inbuilt Body jets J35-2
1 Plastic Hand Shower H30
1 Plastic shower holder K01
2 Embed big size rainshower J...

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Welcome to enjoy the Special and Nice bathroom products with Gentory® Sanitary Ware. We Professionally manufacture and specially design Unique Shower panels and Shower heads.

We invite you to examine Gentory® Shower products carefully to appreciate the high levels of craftsmanship that are revealed by the fit, finish, and design of the product. We take great pride in our products, and know they will give you years of beauty and trouble-free service.

We started to export bathroom products from 2004. Our factory is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province which is one of the richest cities and sanitary ware bases in China. Our products passed the test of manufacturing quality, consistency and reliability. We have real CE certificate for our shower products. We use ACS, cUPC approved accessories for all our models. Specially, We registered our patent products and accessories which means you will ONLY enjoy those special designs and patent with Gentory® bathroom products.

Because good taste shouldn’t have to cost extra, We’ve given every model a price that makes sense. You’ll find this ideal combination of style, function and reliability summed up in gentory Shower panels and Shower heads. We make shower the Simple and Luxury way you want.

Gentory®, give you a Right product and a Fine Shower Solution !

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Gentory, give you a Right product and a Fine Shower Solution !


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