Item: S158 1600x200mm
1 Embed top rain shower J32
8 inbuilt massage shower jets J36-2
1 chrome hand shower H32
1 plastic sh...


Item: S168 1500x180mm
6 Inbuilt Body jets J35-2
1 Plastic Hand Shower H30
1 Plastic shower holder K01
2 Embed big size rainshower J...

Why Choose Gentory

We use Higher quality original material
Our products body and material are much thicker and stronger than others.
For Shower panels: We use 8mm-10mm thickness Tempered Glass, 2.5mm-3mm thickness Aluminum, 1.2mm thickness #304 Stainless steel and 3.5mm-4mm PVC panel. These are almost 30%-50% thicker than others.
For Shower heads: We have 100% Brass material Overhead rainfall shower and Hand shower. The shower head weight is 20% much heavier than others.

Specialty and Humanization Design
We're the first to recognize that kids and olds tend to forget. So we design and develop many shower panels and shower head which fits their interest and taste. We have Sun, Moon, Flower, Star and Fish style Shower panels, This are specially created for the kids, you can enjoy your shower together with your lovely kids. We have Star and flower Shower head, this special accessory make your bathroom totally cool and nicer than other people. We also have iPod(The Apple Inc trademark) design in our product, White panel with a simple patent valve, Can you imagine that you are Showering with iPod Shower Panel ? We also design simple and easy control valves and products for elder consumers.

Shower panels and columns are distinctly different from all other similar products on the market, the result both in unique blend of function and form that endows them with characteristic personality and visual appeal that immediately sets them apart from competitors, on of the unusual but decidedly excellent material from which they are made.

Your unique health experience starts in your bathroom.
Soon you will come to appreciate this sacrosanct and intimate space as your own personal health refuge. Simple turn on your gentory shower panel and experience the benefits of pure and natural revitalization. We have Overhead rainfall shower to massage your head, We have Anti-clogged shower jets which has acupuncture function and spray function, both will massage your back and make you relax from a whole day busy.

You work hard, and you deserve a little luxury in your precious private moments. Now you can convert your ordinary morning shower into a Shower Panel experience, and kick off the day in a whole new way. The gentory shower panel and shower head is your starting point to a completely new approach to personal health. Savor the sweet relaxing sensation of hydro massage and enjoy all the benefits of its unique health experience. Whatever the style of your bathroom, from older-home quaintness to modern day luxury, a gentory shower panel provides just the right finishing touch. Whenever and Whatever you want, gentory always provide a better ideal for your shower!
If you want to personalize your own shower panel, Please contact us for special design and sample delivery.



Interesting Information
Gentory, give you a Right product and a Fine Shower Solution !


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