Thanksgiving 2022&Black Friday Deals

Exhibition /Nov 25,2022

Thanksgiving 2022&Black Friday Deals  - Shower Panel's World Cup

We’ve gathered some simple thanksgiving top 10 bathroom shower panel that will bring new life to the space.


TOP 1   : GA001

We found the three most natural ways to enjoy showering, the rain, the waterfall and the model below.The GA001 combines a wide cover rain shower and double waterfalls, leading you back to the rainforest.

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TOP 2   : S317

Designed for Luxury, the Gentory S317 shower panel features a bold geometrical design as well as a reliable mechanical structure to actualize a perfect balance between aesthetics and rigidity.

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TOP 3   : GS011

Coming with matt black finish stainless steel with asymmetric design, the Gentory GS011 shower panel represents our vision of the next-generation shower system.

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TOP 4   : GS022

Details of Gentory's newly arrived grey gunmetal shower panels GS020 & GS021. The sleek and masculine colour tone creates a sophisticated and contemporary feel in the bathroom.

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TOP 5  : A217

An ideal shower panel system to make the showering experience an enjoyment. Gentory A217 shower panel system features the stylish ergonomic design as well as the cutting-edge technologies, providing the incomparable advantages with a reasonable price.

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TOP 6  : GA006-2

Bring NATURE indoors with the Gentory GA006 shower system. No matter you are into a modern style or a classic style of bathroom decoration, Gentory can always make it easy.

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TOP 7  : GS005

The GS005 Brushed Gold Showering system is designed for those who have a taste of luxury. It is an ideal option for bathrooms with refined decoration as well as high-end venues.

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TOP 8  : A216

Explore designs for unique bathroom from GENTORY. Not just bathware, but works of art!

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TOP 9  : ES009

Have you ever encountered a situation? It is that when you are satisfied with everything, but you have nowhere to put your shampoos. Now we have a good solution. The Gentory ES009 Shower Panel stands out by its large-space shampoo shelf among other similar products.

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TOP 10  : S308

A strong plus to the fine scenery. Made of #316 top-grade high-class stainless steel upper material, the Gentory S308 Outdoor Shower System features a special brass waterfall shower on the top as well as a waterfall spout beneath. 

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