Top 10 Bathroom brands and potential Bathroom Suppliers In China: The Definite Guide 2023

Exhibition /Nov 10,2022

If you are a wholesaler or retailer, Are you looking for bathroom shower panel for your store or showroom? It’s important to ask yourself some key questions before you make that first purchase shower panel :

Where can I buy shower panel from in China?

What are the best shower panel in China?

We hope the detail will help you source good quality manufacturers in China. Main shower panel industry regions in China

Guangdong (Foshan, Jiangmen)

Main products: ceramic sanitary wares, shower room, cabinet, stainless steel sink...

Competitiveness price: ★★



MOQ: ★★★★

Currently, the Guangdong region has full range of sanitary wares, produce top-quality goods, highest price, high MOQ


Fujian (Xiamen)

Shower panel in low price , quality average. The design is relatively single.

Main products: water faucet and shower sets, hand shower ,sprayer, hardware accessories

Competitiveness price: ★★★



MOQ: ★★★


Zhejiang (Taizhou,Hangzhou,Yiwu ,Wenzhou)

The Taizhou is the Plumbing production base, also the shower panel production base. cost -effective ,Unique and diverse design, quality is much stable, low MOQ, short production time

Hangzhou focuses on trade export, with high MOQ and cost -effective

Yiwu,a world-famous international small commodity city, You get what you pay for. MOQ is small, Wenzhou is the same, quality cannot be controlled, lowest price

Competitiveness price:★★★★



MOQ: ★★★★


If you focus on high-end quality, GUANGZHOU is the best choose.

But if you want budget, head to TAIZHOU These regions produce good quality bathroom ware at affordable rates.


Top 10 Bathroom brands and potential Bathroom Suppliers In China

Here, we discuss the top 10 sanitary brands and potential supplier in China. We also let you know attributes that make them stand out. Read on.












Jomoo has its headquarters located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.,founded in 1990, specializes in sanitary ware production. Furthermore, This brand integrates all the levels of production to produce top-quality. It integrates scientific research, service, production, and sales. Over 5000 high-end bathroom stores worldwide,over 200000 sales outlets worldwide,one of the most fast-growing and dynamic international kitchen & bathroom brands in China.

Brand’s Key Products

The kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom, whole house water system,  ceramics, and stone.

Why Do We Recommend Jomoo?

JOMOO is committed to creating products with perfection and exquisiteness. Being of extraordinary quality and adopting innovative design concepts in glass patterns, hardware finishes and metal finishes.JOMOO products in the shower door market have won numerous international, most prestigious design awards, including “iF'' and “Red Dot” Design Awards.



Established in 1998, HEGII is a leading sanitary ware brand in China.has over 400 sanitary patented technologies. It is also into Tech, production, sales, and service delivery.This brand has an R & D center that covers all categories of production. This R & D center covers over 4,000 square meters. Their Labs have Accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

Brand’s Key Products

Ceramic sanitary ware, hardware faucet, bathroom cabinet, Intelligent products, and shower room.

Why Do We Recommend HEGII?

This brand owns several bases that aim to produce comfortable sanitary wares. The HEGII brand currently has over 3,000 service outlets within the country. Ensuring products get to consumers as to when due.



Kohler Brand, founded in 1873, is one of the largest family businesses in the United States. It is an American bathroom brand ,it has an Asian subsidiary, Kohler Investment Co., LTD. Kohler also has its Asia Pacific Headquarters located in Shanghai.The products produced by this brand include kitchen and bathroom ware. It has furniture and interior decoration.It is also in the hospitality sector. Kohler has standard golf courses and hotels around the world.

Brand’s Key Products

faucets, toilets, washbasins, bathtubs and other sanitary products.

Why Do We Recommend Kohler?

The Kohler brand remains one of the top makers of sanitary ware in China. It engages in the production of sanitary and building ceramics. It has strength and influence around the world.



Dongpeng Headquarter in Foshan, Brand established in 1996 , main business include ceramic tiles and sanitary wares. Dongpeng had five production facilities for ceramic tile products,sell ceramic tile products through a nationwide sales network of over 2000 retail outlets covering more than 600 cities across all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. In addition to being popularized in China for their high quality, sold in 66 countries, and largest export destinations include countries with high quality standards such as Canada, Australia and the United States.

Brand’s Key Products

Sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, leisure bathroom, intelligent bathroom, faucet hardware, and kitchen hardware.

Why Do We Recommend Dongpeng?

The Dongpeng brand merges all elements of production to ensure top-quality products. It combines design, R&D, production, sales, and service. Dongpeng offers products in a wide range of niches. It is a major brand in China’s Bathroom industry.


FAENZA established in 1999, It is a renowned brand with great influence that reaches the far corners of the earth.At present, FAENZA has the top ten production bases in China . In the continuous pursuit of design and quality at the same time, focus on polishing "FAENZA" intelligent . It aims to create consumer living spaces that double as high-grade art. Their products are always elegant

Brand’s Key Products

intelligent toilet covers, bathroom cabinets, and bathtubs, ceramic sanitary ware. shower rooms, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and hardware pendants.

Why Do We Recommend FAENZA?

FAENZA exported to more than 60 countries and regions.2500 outlets, 170 patents ,a well-established global sales network with hundreds of domestic city agents, Has become an industry-renowned art and life brand.



Founded in 1994, MONACH is a company specializing in the production of high-quality sanitary ware. With the brand concept “Artful Design, Powered by Technology,” Monarch’s R&D philosophy combines people-centered design with cutting edge technology to create high-quality bathrooms. MONACH has always been committed to being a bathroom expert who understands consumers best, providing consumers with overall space solutions and creating a tidy, comfortable and beautiful bathroom space.

Brand’s Key Products

Cabinet, toilets, bathtubs, shower equipment, shower rooms, sinks, and faucets.

Why Do We Recommend MONACH?

With the honor of Top 10 Satisfied Brands of Chinese Consumers,MONACH is the first batch of comprehensive sanitary ware enterprises listed in China.


Huida sanitary ware was founded in 1982. Over the past 40 years, it has moved beyond from a producer of ceramic sanitary ware to one that focuses on variety of bathroom products. Huida has more than 8,000 employees, 11 sanitary ceramic production lines with the annual production of sanitary ceramics more than 10 million pieces.

Brand’s Key Products

intelligent bathroom accessories, unit bathrooms, bathroom hardware, furniture, bathtubs, shower rooms, cistern fittings, and tiles.

Why Do We Recommend HUIDA?

In China, there are 2,394 Huida brand stores, and 473 sub-brand DOFINY brand stores, the sales network is spread all over the country. At the same time, Huida brand is operating in more than 70 overseas countries and regions.



Gentory, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of shower panels and sanitary ware products in China. a manufactory of special patent ACS, CE, CUPC, Watermark shower panels. With free accessories and free trouble shooting service. With more than 15 years export experience, with 10,000 square meters workshop, Gentory requires low MOQ.

Brand’s Key Products

Shower panel ,outdoor shower ,ultra-thin shower head, bathroom hardware, furniture, bathtubs, shower rooms

Why Do We Recommend Gentory?

Gentory is the ONLY shower panel factory which has Watermark and cUPC certificates for its own in China. Sold to more than105 countries ,more than 400 unique models and with Red Dot” Design Awards. Gentory, give a Right product and a Fine Shower Solution!

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Orans is located in Taizhou, "China's Smart Toilet Town".China's top ten sanitary ware brands, one of the drafting and formulation units of industry-related standards, focusing on the research, production and sales of intelligent sanitary ware for 20 years, is a technology-based independent

Brand’s Key Products

bathroom cabinet, vanities, furniture, bathroom bathtubs, showers, ceramics, toilets, faucets, and bathroom accessories fittings.

Why Do We Recommend ORANS

Originated from Italy while globally operated, ORANS is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of stylish quality and affordable luxurious bathroom products,won more than 100 awards such as China Top Ten Bathroom Brand Enterprises".


TOTO is a global brand of intelligent sanitary ware and a sanitary ware manufacturer with a long history in Japan. It pursues high quality and high craftsmanship, specializing in the production and sales of sanitary ware and related equipment for civil and commercial facilities.  Since 1995, TOTO has successively set up a number of branches and invested in factories in China. China has become the main production base of TOTO in the world.

Brand’s Key Products

Bathtubs,Bathroom Faucets,Toilet Seats,Bathroom Sinks,Washlets

Why Do We Recommend TOTO

Toto (China) Co., Ltd. was selected by the China Ceramic Sanitary Ware Brand Network as one of the top ten brands of Chinese sanitary ware in 2013. The pursuit of high quality and high craftsmanship allows users to enjoy a hygienic, healthy and comfortable life. 



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Bathroom shower panel is an important accessory in homes. Getting the right bathroom ware is the first step to a proper sanitary lifestyle.There are many bathroom ware brands in China. This makes choosing the right brand a tad difficult. But with the top ten bathroom ware brands above, it becomes easy for you to choose.

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